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Jan Jacob Stam
Bert Hellinger Institute

You’re holding a remarkable book in your hands on a delicate subject.

Trauma in Organizations.

I only can recommend to read it... from your common sense, from your heart, from your soul and for the love of the organization you are contributing to.

Erik de Soir
Military Associate Professor in crisis psychology

'Dealing with organizational trauma’ explores the various aspects of organizational trauma; ways an organization may become traumatized, characteristics of organizational trauma, and ways to intervene in traumatized systems or event preventing systems to get stuck in trauma.

Catherine Carton
Organization Coach

It is partly because of my personal story, but also my business experience, that I am aware of trauma in organizations. This book – which I read while it was being written – has given me much insight. Philippe has managed to give words to my experience. I hope it will inspire you as much as it has me.

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