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My Work 

(Virtual) Keynotes or Webinars

You want your managers, team leaders, ... to become more trauma-informed?

Your company is recovering from challenging times?

You are a group of consultants, coaches, ... bumping into organizational trauma and you want to feel more confident when working with this fringe phenomenon?

You can invite Philippe to design and deliver a customized keynote or webinar about organizational trauma and renewal. You can run through some of his slide decks via this link.

Philippe has contributed to several global summits:

(Virtual) Constellations & Supervision

Part of your company is getting stuck in the Trauma Trap? You're looking for an experienced facilitator to monitor what is going on or you'd like to deal with it? You'd like to build a more resilient organization?

A central method in the work of Philippe is 'organizational constellations'. It's still a big step for a lot of corporate people to open up for this way of working but step by step it's happening. Philippe has been working with constellations for more than 15 years. From time to time he is organizing open workshops for mixed groups or can be invited to facilitate organizational constellations in-company or in a virtual way.


A constellation can also be a great support as a 'navigating tool' for organizational coaches. Are you looking for a sounding board because you're bumping in system trauma, feel free to reach out for supervision.


So, same here, contact Philippe if you're interested in how constellations could support the development of your company or the company you're facilitating.

Training for Professionals

At this moment Philippe is training organizational coaches and leaders to become more trauma-informed. Most of those live training sessions are organized in Belgium or The Netherlands.

You'd like to organize a workshop or training on organizational trauma for coaches or leaders, feel free to discuss this with Philippe. He's open to travel and used to work in English.

Are you interested in working with Philippe? 

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