About the book Stuck

As a supervisor, collaborator or organizational coach, you sometimes find yourself in organizations where you intuitively feel that something is off. Proven methods to renew the company don’t have any effect. In that case we'd might speak of system trauma.

We often link trauma to a person who has encountered an overwhelming event. But trauma can also manifest in the relational tissue of groups. This, for example, happens when an organization is confronted with painful redundancies, terrorism attacks, a natural disaster and all other kinds of overwhelming events. The effect of these can be so destructive that it can immobilize the organization like insidious poison.

'Stuck? Dealing with organizational trauma' will offer you a wide view on this, until now, emerging field. The hands-on book will give you guidance and insights to track these trauma’s and heal them so the organization can revive.




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Drawings from the book are developed by Hans Hoegaerts. Please do not copy them without his permission.  

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