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About me

Philippe Bailleur

For more than 20 years I have been coaching organizations, teams and individuals. The co-development of individuals, organizations and society is a huge source of inspiration in my work. This has helped me to unravel some recurrent patterns about trauma which I absolutely wanted to share. I am utterly convinced that if organizations are willing to work from a systemic perspective and are willing to let go unhealthy habits, they will become Forces for Good.


For me, the starting point of working with systems and trauma was when I was working as an HR-officer at a Royal Airforce Base in Belgium. In 1996, a Belgian C-130 aircraft - the CH-06 - crashed in Eindhoven. None of the crew members and passengers survived. This overwhelming event was a true turning point in my career.


I wanted to learn more about dealing with these kinds of issues in organizations. After many hours of research, trainings, conversations, … I started working with organizations that were dealing with unhealed trauma. I have learned so much that I was triggered to write about it. I want as many organizations as possible to recognize trauma and give them ways to deal with it.


Interview with Jennifer CampbellPhilippe Bailleur
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